“Up to this day I have worked basically painting people, (portraits and nudes) and the sea.

Not just any landscape, only the sea.

Apparently two very different themes, which however are interrelated because both are part of me. They gravitate around silence and my fascination for the immense nature, be it water or flesh. Silence has marked my life, it can be deeply alienating and empty, and can turn you suicidal. But it can also be rich, full of whispers and echoes, silent sounds that perhaps only reverberate in my ears”

Silence, sex, the inpracticable final distance between us all, the solitude everyone lives in. Karen Kruse paints it with expressive colors and mediterranean light. That light that remained burned in her brain, as it slowly defined that room, or as it fell on a body making of it a magic landscape. Color that only her eyes see, mouth through which she screams without making a sound, conform along with her light the pure raw material of which silence is made.

Her portraits are an exhausting exercise of internal knowledge, of solitary and intimate introspection . She extends her knowledge of herself through diving into “the other”, in a risky trip from which she always comes back enriched. Color escapes from reality and seeks a collision, the confrontation of opposites in its purest and most violent form. Greens and reds share impossible spaces. 


"perhaps the color, the brush strokes, the contrasts, vary in the painter as the tone of our voice varies according to what we are saying, and to whom. I cannot paint a portrait the same way I paint a seascape, each theme triggers a different reaction in me, a different language, an uneven tone. Precisely because my relationship with "them", with my paintings, is alive, pulsatile, to the point that sometimes it seems something more like a struggle in which, strangely, both I win and loose at the same time.”

Nothing awakens her curiosity as a human being does, “a maze of locked doors and contradictions, unique and sometimes descipherable”.

"Seascapes are a search for a lost serenity, which perhaps only existed actually in my imagination"


Everything that was engraved in her memory, in which the sea was always present, conforms her "internal landscapes".

Benedetti wrote "the sea is not ashamed of his shipwrecked, it has no conscience and nevertheless it attracts, tempts, calls, licks the territories of the suicide and tells stories of dark end". Dark end or way out, depending on how you think of it.

In Karen Kruse’s seascapes the sea is a sea of silence full of salt and possibilities, so serene as disturbing are her extensions of flesh.

"I never thought of painting as an act of communication, I believe that the artist paints because it needs to do so, a vital function as breathing can be , and he does so in an obsessive and solitary act, an act that in the end, is an attempt to explain himself." One takes a lifetime to get to know oneself and sometimes even accept oneself, each one uses a method to arrive at the same end. Mine is paint."

 This is how this colorful and at the same time hermetic artist defines herself. Her landscapes invite us to get lost in the great luminous silence which, according to her, we all have inside and to which we turn to when we want to know what we are.